5 Set Workout



This routine is what I call my 5 set workout.  It’s 5 cycles of db squat, a pull-up variation, and a push variation.  I wear a 10 lb. vest for the whole workout.  The first time through I used push-up spikes which makes the push-up much harder.  The squats were done for sets of 10 starting at 90 lbs. and dropping 10 lbs. each set there after till.  The pull-ups were done from the hardest variation for me to the easiest.  The press exercises were Regular push-up w/ push-up spikes, dips, incline close hand position push-ups, incline wide hand position push-ups, and dumbbell presses done for a break down set of 30 lb., 20 lb., 10 lb.  The goal is to get through the whole thing without resting and getting as many reps as possible on each pull-up and push exercise.  In other words leave nothing in the tank.  This is a quick workout that I use when I’m short on time. As always I cut it down so you get the idea, but don’t have to watch every rep.