Body weight medley, Power wheel roll-out/hold, Bridge, Dive bomber/hindu push-ups

Here I open w/ a series of 20 or 21 calistentic movements done for 25 reps each w/out rest. Then I move to power wheel roll-up done w/ a 4 count hold in the extended position. This is a new longer distance and it’s getting quite challenging so I only get 1 rep. Consequently I do a 60 sec extended hold. Then I do a 3:30 bridge, and finish w/ a break down set of dive bomber, hindu close, and hindu regular push-ups done x 15, 15, 20. Total time 41 mns.

2-10-2 squat, pull-up, push-up pyramid

Same workout a couple days earlier.
This routine is a pyramid done by 2’s from level 2 to level 10 and back to 2. I used 3 exercises which were dumbbell squats, pull-ups (regular), and push-ups (regular). Squats and pull-ups were 1 x the level, and push-ups were 2 x’s the level. Squats were done w/ two 40 lb. dumbbells and a 10 lb. weight vest. Everything else was done w/the 10 lb. weight vest. I posted the first, tenth, and last level in real time. GET SOME!

Trap-bar dead lift, dip, pull-up

In this routine I did 4 cycles of trap-bar dead lift, dip, and regular pull-up. I forgot to start the camera on the first round. The trap-bar dead lift was done w/ 140 on the bar and the 10 pound weight vest on. Everything else was done w/ the 10 pound weight vest on.
Reps were per circuit were:
20, 20, 10
15, 15, 8
10, 10, 5
5, 5, 3

The whole workout was done in about 7 minutes.

5 set routine x 2

In this routine I run through what I call my 5 set routine twice. The 5 set routine consist of dumbbell squat, pull-up (wide), dip, dumbbell squat, pull-up (close), push-up (close), dumbbell squat, pull-up (regular), push-up (regular), dumbbell squat, pull-up (neutral), push-up (wide), dumbbell squat, pull-up (reverse/close), dumbbell press. everything is done w/ a 10 lb. vest on. The squats were done w/ two 40’s for the first 5 rounds, and two 30’s for the second 5 rounds. My goal was to get 10 reps on squats, 5 reps on the pull-ups, 10 reps on the pushes. I play the 5th and 10th round in real time.