Quarantine Workout 12 (part 1)

This was a pretty quick workout so I thought I’d change things up a bit and post it real time. So I split it in 2 parts so as not to exceed the 10 minute limit. I will put a link to Part 2 in the description.

The workout
Done w/ 15 lb. weight vest and 20 lb. dumbbells
Mountain climbers x 25
Squat thrust x 25
Squats x 25
Swings x 25

Without weight
15 dive bombers
35 Hindu push-ups (hands close)
50 Hindu push-ups (hands shoulder width)

Part 2

Every Minute on the Minute (EMOM)

In this workout I do 10 sets each of squats, pull-ups, and push-ups. Instead of doing this in my usual circuit fashion I did it in ‘every minute on the minute (EMOM)’ style. That means I did 10 sets of each exercise in succession, before moving to the next exercise, starting at 0 and then at the top of each minute until 10 sets were completed. Everything was done with a 15 lb. weight vest on. I show the first and last set of each exercise.

Deck of Cards Workout

In this workout I use a suit of cards to add variety as I work through sets of no momentum squats and Hindu push-ups. The squats are done for 2 times the value of the card, and the Hindu push-ups are done for the value of the card. The value of the numbered cards are the number on the card. Jack = 15, Queen = 20, King = 25, Ace = 30, Joker = 35. I did the Joker first because I wanted to get the biggest set over first. The rest of the cards I shuffled and worked through randomly. What I posted is the first set in real time. 70 no momentum squats, 35 Hindu pus-ups. Total reps for workout 358 squats and 179 push-ups. All sets done w/out rest.

The Mike Tyson

In this workout I use the Mike Tyson 10 card squat workout Idea to do 100 squats, 100 body rows, 100 push-ups, and 100 squat thrusts. The way Mike Tyson does this is to lay out 10 cards in a line. Squat down pick up the first card. Then squat down to lay that card on the next card. Then squat down twice to pick up those 2 cards. By fallowing this pattern the sets will be 1,1,2,2,3,3,4,4,5,5,6,6,7,7,8,8,9,9,10. Each time you work through 10 cards you will do 100 reps. I did it a bit differently. I start by laying the cards down first. So I start at 10 and work to 1 for the squats. Then I start at 1 for the rows, and at 10 for the push-ups. So basically I’m alternating putting the cards down and picking them up with each exercise. This way the cards are picked up when you’re finished. You can see me use the cards for the squats and push-ups. For the body rows I kept track in my head. And the squat thrust I did straight through.

No Equipment Workout 4

Mt. Climber(reg) x 50
Hindu Push-ups(cl) x 25
Mt. Climber(alt knee) x 50
Hindu Push-ups(cl) x 25
Squat Thrust(reg) x 50
Hindu Push-ups(cl) x 25
Squat Thrust(wd) x 50
Hindu Push-ups(reg) x 25
Miscellaneous x 50
Hindu Push-ups(reg) x 25
Explosive Squat x 50
Hindu Push-ups(reg) x 25