5 Set Workout



This routine is what I call my 5 set workout.  It’s 5 cycles of db squat, a pull-up variation, and a push variation.  I wear a 10 lb. vest for the whole workout.  The first time through I used push-up spikes which makes the push-up much harder.  The squats were done for sets of 10 starting at 90 lbs. and dropping 10 lbs. each set there after till.  The pull-ups were done from the hardest variation for me to the easiest.  The press exercises were Regular push-up w/ push-up spikes, dips, incline close hand position push-ups, incline wide hand position push-ups, and dumbbell presses done for a break down set of 30 lb., 20 lb., 10 lb.  The goal is to get through the whole thing without resting and getting as many reps as possible on each pull-up and push exercise.  In other words leave nothing in the tank.  This is a quick workout that I use when I’m short on time. As always I cut it down so you get the idea, but don’t have to watch every rep.

Swings, Power Wheel Roll-outs w/ 60 second hold, Full Bridge, Dive Bomber/Hindu Push-up Mechanical drop-set.

I start with swings using a T-handle.  My goal was 100 reps, but I upped by my usual weight by 10 pounds so at 70 I failed.  I finished with 3 sets of 10 reps with a 5 breath break between each.  Then onto the Power Wheel roll-out.  Last time I hit 25 reps, my goal, so today I increased the distance by one inch.  I did 10 reps with a 5 count hold in the extended position.  Then did a 60 second hold in the extended position for good measure.  Then onto a 4 minute full bridge.  Finally I finished with 10 reps of dive bomber push-ups with hands close, 20 reps of dive bomber push-ups with hands in regular position, 20 reps of Hindu push-ups with hand close, and 25 Hindu push-ups with hand in regular position.  All of the push-ups were done without a break in a a mechanical drop-set style.  My form was shallow on the dive bombers making them more like Turkish push-ups, but you have to start somewhere.  Over time I will improve the depth.


Dumbbell Squat, Pull-ups, Push (pyramids)

The over all structure/sequence of this workout is Dumbbell squats, pull-ups, & push movements.  I went through the sequence three times.  Dumbbell squats were done in straight set fashion.  As always, my goal was to work with the least amount of rest as needed.  The pulls-up sets were done in 5 rest-pause mini-sets style, changing hand position each mini-set w/ 15 seconds rest between mini-sets.  And the push movements were done in a pyramid structure with a 15 second rest between levels.  My goal with the push pyramids was to get to level 10 before coming down.  The first push movement was dumbbell presses.  Since I could adjusts the weight quickly I changed the bells up or down so each level was as close to maximal effort as possible.  The push movement for the second circuit was dips.  Since weight adjustments would have slowed me down here I stayed constant with body weight plus a 10 pound weight vest.  I made it to level 9 before coming down.  In the last circuit the push movement was push-ups.  Since, like dips, weight adjustment would slow me down I kept body weight plus 10 pound weight vest and adjusted my hand position, from harder to easier and back as needed.  So each set was maximal.  As far as the video goes I just pulled out the transitions and high points.  It was too long for youtube, and would have been boring for you.

Calisthenic Medledy, Power wheel roll-outs, Bridge, Hindu Push-up medley

Here’s one of my current routines.  I start out w/ a medley of calistentic movements for cardiovascular training, flexibility, range of motion, and mobility work.  This medley consist of various types mountain climbers, squats, toe touches, squat thrust, 8-count Body builders, and other mobility movements.  Then I go to the Power Wheel for roll out.  I did 25 with a 5 count hold in the extended position. That was my goal so I will be increasing the distance from the wall by an inch next workout.   After that I held a bridge for 3 minutes.  Then I did a medley of push-ups witch consisting of: close hand position Dive Bomber push-ups, regular position Dive Bomber push-ups, close hand position Hindu push-ups, and regular hand position Hindu push-ups.  The whole routine is done in circuit style without a break.