Build Muscle

This manual is for all the regular guys who are tired of all the hyped pseudo-science b.s. and want the straight scoop on how they can put pounds of muscle on their bodies. They are tired of wasting their hard earned money on the supposed miracle supplements that do not work, and spending half their life in the gym fallowing the routine of a Mr. So and So with no result.

This manual is not meant to wow you with a bunch of pseudo- scientific garbally gook, but instead to pass on the bare bones, nuts and bolt facts on how you can put pounds of quality muscle on your frame and finally have the body of your dreams. Gaining muscle is a simple undertaking. Notice I said “simple” not “easy”. You will need to work hard and staunchly adhere to a few principles to see results. These principles are not complicated. They have been around for 100’s of years, and helped hundreds of 1000’s build the body of their dreams. Do not try to re-invent the wheel. The path has already been forged with sweat, determination, and gut busting work. All you have to do is fallow.

So if you are serious about gaining muscle I challenge you to prove to yourself the power of these principles. Make a 3 month commitment to yourself and fallowing this manual as laid out. Just 3 months. What do you have to lose? Most of you who are reading this have probably spent a number of years struggling to gain muscle with little result. The definition of a fool is someone who keeps doing something the same way and expecting a different out come. So try something different. If it does not work it was only 3 months you can go back to your old way. But if you see results you will know you have found the path to the body of your dreams.