No Equipment Workout 5

See workout below. I show one round of the Mt. climber, squat thrust, squat, swing in real time, and segments of the rest. The superman plank was extra challenging because my hands slipped away from me as I fatigued.

*Everything done w/ 15 lb vest on.
[(mt. climber/squat thrust/squat/swing) x 25] x 4
super man plank 1:30
bridge 1:30
Hindu push-ups (hands close) x 25
Hindu push-ups (hands regular) x 25

Quarantine Workout 13

Below find the description of this workout. I tried to pullout the transition points so you can see how fast I change exercises.

[(mt climber/squat thrust/squat/swing)15lb vest+20lb bd’s]x25 ea
dive bomber push-up 15lb vest x 10

[(mt climber/squat thrust/squat/swing)15lb vest+10lb bd’s]x25 ea
Hindu hands close push-up 15lb vest x 25

[(mt climber/squat thrust/squat/swing)15lb vest]x25 ea
Hindu hands regular position push-up 15lb vest x 25

[(mt climber/squat thrust/squat/swing)]x25 ea
Hindu hands regular position push-up x 50

Quarantine Workout 12 (part 1)

This was a pretty quick workout so I thought I’d change things up a bit and post it real time. So I split it in 2 parts so as not to exceed the 10 minute limit. I will put a link to Part 2 in the description.

The workout
Done w/ 15 lb. weight vest and 20 lb. dumbbells
Mountain climbers x 25
Squat thrust x 25
Squats x 25
Swings x 25

Without weight
15 dive bombers
35 Hindu push-ups (hands close)
50 Hindu push-ups (hands shoulder width)

Part 2