Quarantine Workout 14

This is what I call my 5 set workout. I do 5 rounds/circuits of db squat, pull-up, and a press. Within each of the 5 circuits I do the pull-up and push movement for 3 sets w/ a stair walk between. Consequently you’ll see me leave the frame for that climb. I also go up 2 flights of stairs while carrying the db’s I squatted w/ to where the pull-up bar is.

No Equipment Workout 5

See workout below. I show one round of the Mt. climber, squat thrust, squat, swing in real time, and segments of the rest. The superman plank was extra challenging because my hands slipped away from me as I fatigued.

*Everything done w/ 15 lb vest on.
[(mt. climber/squat thrust/squat/swing) x 25] x 4
super man plank 1:30
bridge 1:30
Hindu push-ups (hands close) x 25
Hindu push-ups (hands regular) x 25